Divija offers wide range of services for businesses by devising right solutions for all your construction needs.
Accurate Planning
Proper planning is the key for a project’s success. This involves decisions ranging from the number of workers, resources, time frame and qualified staff to take over the project.
Design Management
We have an exclusive team of engineers who work on optimum utilization and mobilization of resources. The task also involves identification of different challenges, in-depth analysis, insights and fixing the exact time frames for project planning and execution.
The procurement team @ Divija excels in the development of ideal supply chain networks to aid the project including time frame for procurement of men and material, contract with suppliers and supervision of the various tasks.

•    Pipelines
•    Transport Infrastructure like roads and highways
•    Irrigation resources
•    Travel & hospitality
•    Power transmission lines
•    Bridges
•    Commercial buildings
•    Public Utility services
•    Industrial structures
•    Residential clusters and living spaces

  • Space planning

  • Design & Architecture

  • Building blueprint

  • Project management

  • Construction

  • Plumbing, Electric & Sewer systems

  • Maintenance

  • Landscaping & Aesthetics

  • Remodelling

  • Corporate & Residential interiors

About us

Docs / SupportDivija group is a highly acclaimed recruitment firm in India especially for Manpower recruitments in India and Overseas.


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