Man Power

Divija is a leading provider of Manpower across all skills levels including unskilled labour and caters to several industry verticals

Some of the positions where Divija is specialized for recruitment are:

Medical Industry
Dentist, Doctors, Care Assistant, Development Manager, Clinical Research Associate, Nurse, Pharmacist, Speech Therapist, Radiographer, Physiotherapist etc.

Oil & Gas Industry
Project Control - Manager , Project Specialist, Material Management, Structural Engineer, Process Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Control System Engineer, Electrical Designer Solution, Architect Engineer,  Panel Operators, Warehouse Technician, Risk Analyst, Team Leader etc.

Banking & Finance
Account manager, Branch manager, Wealth planner, Risk analyst, Investment planner, Clerks, Cashiers, Office assistants.

Hospitality Industry
Supervisor  Restaurant Manager, Security Guards, Business Manager, Program Assistant, Chefs & Cooks, Front Office Staff,  Administrative Staff & Sales Manager.

Construction Industry
Civil Engineers, Architects, Draftsmen, Land Surveyors, Carpenter, Painter, Masons, Plumbers, Technicians, Heavy Truck Drivers, Fork Lifters, Earth movers, Mechanics, etc.

IT Industry
Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Programming Specialists, Web Developers, Sales and Marketing, Web Designers, Project Managers, Networking Engineers, etc,..

Divija, in its role as leading provider of quality and reliable Manpower believes in the need to achieve maximum client satisfaction by effectively bridging the gap between ideal candidates and foreign companies. We accord highest value for our continuing relationship with employers and employees.

  • Information from Client regarding the Vacancies and Job description

The clients issue an official notification regarding the number of employees required, compensation, contract duration, accommodation, food and other benefits

  • Database search to identify the right candidates

Advertising strategy executed through leading dailies, Print and Electronic Media, Internet, Walk-ins, Associate offices, Local agencies, etc.

  • Applicants Screening and Authentication

  • Short listing of CVs

  • Short listing by our expert team

  • Subsequent screening

  • Practical Tests (If required)

  • Final process of Interview by clients

  • Comprehensive medical tests

  • VISA application

Based on valid passport, we process the application for VISA

  • VISA Stamping & Work permits

  • Immigration formalities

We obtain the clearances required for candidates’ emigration

  • Pre-departure briefing regarding country, job, accommodation etc.

We provide basic instructions to workers regarding the work environment and country specific labour rules and regulations

  • Candidates’ final departure

About us

Docs / SupportDivija group is a highly acclaimed recruitment firm in India especially for Manpower recruitments in India and Overseas.


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