Security Services

Divija provides adequate and high levels of security to Government institutes and Private entities to safeguard their assets from an array of security challenges and provide measurable benefits under specified budgetary limits.

The Company leverages its operations through its alliances with global partners and clients and keeps itself abreast of latest operating manuals and security procedures. This facilitates effective delivery of services to the public and private sector transforming your adversities into potential opportunities.
Divija helps in creating a secure environment for business operations, exploration, recreation, leisure and continues to fledge its operations in complex environments.

We provide following trainings on an ongoing basis for Basic Security Staff & Security officers:

  • Personality development training
  • Certificate courses in conjunction with different institutes
  • Vocational Training in IT, Disaster management etc
  • Skill Enhancement Trainings
  • English Language Training & Communication skills

Divija supplies manned security personnel and quality services through our highly trained professionals.
The entire process of Screening, Recruitment, Deployment and Monitoring of our professionals are done by experienced staff.
We continually revise and update our training methodologies based on the evolving scenarios and threats.

  1.    Well trained security guards

  2.    Ex-service men with armed forces background

  3.    Guards with adequate English language and communication skills

  4.    Industrial standard training

  5.    Pre-deployment /Onsite training

  6.    Customized training based on client needs

  7.    Facilitation personnel

  8.    Security Patrolling

  9.    Security report writing

  10.    Modern security systems and gadgets

services in different sectors


Security personel with training and not limited to 


•    Shopping malls

•    Retail stores

•    Schools

•    Resorts/Hotels

•    Warehouses

•    Government

•    Private offices

•    Residential clusters

•    Apartments

•    Construction sites

•    Telecommunications

•    Theft protection

•    Event security

•    Explosive awareness

•    First Aid and fire safety

•    Emergency situations

•    Control of Entry/Exit

•    Fire Prevention & Detection

•    ontrol Room services

•    Parking

•    CVisitor monitoring  

•    Disaster Management

•    Inspection

•    Monitoring of safety conditions



• Perimeter safeguard & Protection
• Integrated Access Control and Security Management System
• Public Address System and Intruder Alarms & Detectors
• Parking Management Systems
• X ray machine and Metal Detectors
• Under vehicle scanning system
• Voice and Data Networking
• Fire alarm System and Fire Fighting Services
• Gate barriers
• Surveillance CCTV Systems

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